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I am writing this blog for a simple purpose: I want to inspire my readers to take action for our planet. Whether it be to save a certain species that is facing extinction, to reduce the impacts of climate change in hopes of better futures for our children and grandchildren, or even to become a researcher to help improve the health of the earth, I want to impact your lives for the sake of our home. My greatest asset at the moment is this wonderful thing called the internet — you might have heard of it. The internet, of course, is used for many things, good and bad. But, through the internet, I have the opportunity to share with all of you my passion for science, nature, and the wonderful universe in which we thrive.

I’ve been working on this blog for several years now but my older posts are, shall we say, unimpressive (my last post before “The Snow Leopard” was four years ago. My writing skills were a bit lacking back then). So, after removing those old posts from the page, I began recreating old posts and searching for new topics to write about. If you have already read any of my posts you will have noticed that they are mostly just facts about animals, discoveries, and the environment. But the subtitle of this blog clearly states that this is a blog about helping the environment, so I will include, in every post, a way to contribute to our world and to the topic of that post. I will provide quick and easy access to these links and efforts under the “Links” page. I will also recommend any books or visual works that I have enjoyed under the “Reads” page.

Whatever your reason for visiting my blog, I hope that you will find what you are looking for; whether it be info on a certain animal or aspect of the environment, what we can do to help our fellow inhabitants of Earth, or simply a genuine interest in the topic. Feel free to leave a comment for me if you have any questions or suggestions and I will do my absolute best to answer and respond to them. Thanks, and enjoy the posts!

Daniel K

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